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Agios Demetrios

Agios Demetrios is the patron Saint of the big city of Thessalonica in Greece. Agios Demetrios which declared Christianity, was arrested and jailed by the idolaters. His relic are stored there at Thessalonica and by his grave Holy Myron is gushing up. However, here in Cyprus, there is a dedicated church to Agios Demetrios in the beautiful village of Kato Platres. The community Kato Platres celebrates for Agios Demetrios on the 26th of October, with the procession of the holy icon of Agios Demetrios and the presence of important people of the church of Cyprus.

Somewhere at the center of the village is found the dedicated church to Agios Demetrios. It is built with stones and covered with plaster and white paint externally. It was built between the 18th and 19th century. Around the church there is plenty of space and the church is architecturally built in gothic rhythm. Internally while entering you will meet the very old floor, laid by square plates. Its very old wooden and engraved icon stand, was manufactured in 1898, according to a sign that exists on it, constituting the beautiful wealth of the church. The icons of the saints are incorporated in this. The old psalteries were destroyed and in 1974 new ones were manufactured from a wooden material. From the western entrance of the temple, advancing to the Holy Altar, you will see in your left the wooden engraved pulpit, used by the deacon in order to read the Gospel. In the interior, the temple is leveled and there is a place set apart for women. It can accept around 200 people.

The old church of Agios Demetrios

At a small distance from the central church, at the center let's say of the village Kato Platres, it is found the old church of Agios Demetrios. A small and concise church. Built with stones but externally it is covered with plaster and white paint. Its bell was supported on a tree close to the church. Later the tree bent and they were forced to manufacture a construction to support the bell. 

When the central church of Agios Demetrios was built, the equipment from the small church was transported there and the temple remained empty. The church since 1930 functioned as a school with three classes and forty students. Later a school was built and the small church was neglected. It accommodated also animals for a very big period of time. 

In 1974 they began to remanufacture the church internally. They made a simple wooden icon stand. The psalteries were not completed and they simply manufactured their flooring. Of course the very little stools which were in excess from the central church, were returned to the small church. Its squared roof internally has wide wooden boards, as decorative elements. 

The church functions two times every year. The first one is on Monday of Easter and the second on the 26th of December.



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