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Natural Environment


Located west of the village is the Nature’s Path ‘Kastrovounos’, a path of excellent natural beauty. The path has a length of about 800m and is located on an altitude of approximately 900 to 1000 metres.

The path is part of the National Forest Park of Troodos. During a stroll at the Path ‘Kastrovounos’, the visitor can enjoy both the rich vegetation that exists in the National Forest Park and the magical view which is distinguished though the rich clusters’.

Let’s continue our ‘errantry’ at the Path ‘Kastrovounos’ as it is presented in a relevant leaflet of the Community Council of Kato Platres:

‘The biggest interest in the path is focused in the surrounding vegetation which mainly consists of Calabrian Pine trees (Pinus brutia). Near the foliages and tree branches which are next to them exists the endemic Golden Oak (Quercus alnifolia), the plant Terebinth (Pistacia terebithus) and many other bushes and grasses.

During hiking, the excursionist can rest at several areas with a view. In many places, the view offered is panoramic, from which visitors can take excellent photos of the Cypriot nature and countryside for their records.



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