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Sotiris Moustakas

Sotiris Moustakas, one of the most important comedians of Cyprus and Greece. He was born in 1940 in Limassol and died on the 4th of June 2007 at the age of 67.

This great actor was from Kato Platres and was the youngest child of a big family.

His acting talent was disclosed fro the time he was a student. He took part in the performances the school he went to organized.

His acquaintance with Nicos Stavrides was very important for his career. Moustakas saw Nicos Stavrides performing in Limassol. When the performance ended, Moustakas went to Stavrides and told him he wanted to become an actor. Stavrides told Moustakas to contact him in Athens.

His school years were affected by EOKA Liberation Struggle 1955-1959. Moustakas joined the struggle against English domination. He used to hand out flyers and wrote signs on the walls. He was arrested and incarcerated.

He remained in prison for seven months. He described those years saying: “As all students, I was an EOKA member when I was a student. I was arrested so I had to present myself at the police every day. I had already decided to become an actor, but it was extremely difficult so I had a fake passport done and left from Cyprus”.

He graduated from the Trade Academy in Limassol in 1958 and left for Athens with a fake passport. He went to Greece to become an actor and a brilliant career in theater and cinema awaited him.

When he reached Athens and while preparing for the exams to enter the drama school, he was working as a waiter. He did not manage to get accepted the first time he tried, but that did not stop him. He tried again and that is how it all began for him.

This is where he met his future wife, actress Maria Bonelou. They had a daughter, Alexandra, who is also an actress. Sotiris and his daughter worked together for the performance “A mismatched couple”.

He took part in a theatrical play for the first time in the performance “A door five hundred drachmas”. His career in the theatre was brilliant. He mostly took comedian roles in theatrical reviews, aristophanian comedies and classic repertoire, such as plays written by Moliere.

His career in the cinema started in 1964. He took part in “Zorba The Greek”, directed by Michalis Kakoyiannis. He was the crazy person in the village. It must be noted that he was to be “nominated for B’ Mens’ Performance Oscar, but the role was too small and the nomination never took part”.

Sotiris Moustakas was always thinking of Cyprus. The comeback of THOC in Epidavros is owed to Sotiris Moustakas. He also participated in the comedies of Aristophanes “Thesmaforiazouses” and “Irene”.

He was awarded many times. Most important are Kotopouli Prize, the prize of the Playwrights’ Company, and Karolos Koun Prize for “Performance in Greek Play”.


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