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Chapel of Timios Prodromos

Easterly of the village through the forest that leads to the village Pano Platres, it was found the chapel of Timios Prodromos. Today are saved the remaining pieces of the holy altar above which it exists sprouted a very old and big tree. It is a summer chapel as called by the residents. Some icons existed at the chapel having their candles turned on. The passerbies passed from there in order to pray and turn on the candles.

In 1975,opposite from the devastated chapel, they built a new church and dedicated it to Timios Prodromos. It is a small white externally church,square manufactured. It allocates a simple, wooden, modern type icon stand, where the icons are framed on. At the western entrance of the chapel it exists an icon stand where the icon of Timios Prodromos is found. There are very little stools and it can accept around 40 to 50 individuals.

The chapel functions three times every year. On Tuesday of Eastern, on the 24th of June which is the birthday of Timios Prodromos and on the 29th of August which is the decapitation day of Timios Prodromos.

The old Byzantine icon of Timios Prodromos is found in the central temple of the community of Agios Demetrios.



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