1. Improvement and asphalting of roads.
  2. Beautification by lining all protective walls along the road leading from Kato Platres to Pano Platres with stone from the Troodos mountain range, as well as the retaining walls within the core of the Community.  
  3. Formation and landscaping of the village’s small square and construction of a stony coffee shop on the adjacent plot which has been donated to the Community by late Antonakis L. Antoniades in memory of his wife Myroulla.  
  4. Completion of the Nature Trail’s formation at the location “Kastrovounos” along a linear 850-metre long route, where visitors can admire the majestic Cypriot nature. At the highest point of “Kastrovounos”, on an altitude of 1200 m, there is an observation point.  
  5. Beautification of several pedestrian crossings by lining stone from the Troodos area within the core of the Community.
  6. Completion of various flood-protection works.
  7. Formation of the “Kounounis” park and construction of a playground.