In the context of its cultural contribution, the Community Council of Kato Platres in co-operation with Friends of Kato Platres Club (Tornarides) organises the following events/exhibitions:

  1. Easter Celebrations.
  1. July – August: Cherry Festival, Toubles, Theater

  2. Annual dance of the Friends of Kato Platres Club (Tornarides) in co-operation with the Community Council. The dance occurs during August. The event takes place in the yard of the Regional Elementary School and includes an artistic program and dancing.

  3. In September, the Community Council, in the elementary school's yard, blood donation is organized

  4. A large festival in honor of St. Demetrius -the community's patron saint -is organised on the 26 of October every year in front of the church.

  5. Christmas Celebrations. A Christmas evening is organised, in collaboration with the Friends of Kato Platres Club, with Santa Claus giving presents to the little children.